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Hello, my name is Conell Jonson. I have been a master Barber for over 30 years, and an owner / operator for over 20 years. I fell in love with Barbering in the Marine Corp, which allowed my passion and artistry for cutting to grow because I always had a variety of hair to cut.


During the early 90’s, my twin brother and I would travel to Philadelphia, Pa to the annual “Greed’s Cookout In The Park”.  Each year I was amazed by the haircuts and the artistry of the different styles. I saw a lot of creative cuts, and some with the same cuts, but the styles indicated to me which state it originated from.

The vision I saw in the park in Philly is what Barbers For Life and I want to reveal to the world. The goal is to showcase the artistry of Barbering along the east coast - from New Jersey to Florida. Barber Battles will show the aptitude and artistry of Barbering from each state, and the final competition will have the variety of styles and the diversity of haircuts from Barbers along the east coast on one stage showcasing their artistry and talent.


I have been dreaming and planning this competition for over 15 years and now it is time. I built my first Executive Mobile Barber Shop and Barbers For Life and we are giving it away to the winner of the Biggest Barber competition of its kind. We are looking for Barbers who have the talent and skills to represent their state along the east coast. Will you be the one to drive away with the first Executive Mobile Barber Shop to service your executive clientele?

Due to the high cost of Barber Schools and associated tools and equipment, proceeds of the competition will go to helping disadvantaged students pay for tuition, training, and tools.




  • 1982 - Graduated

  • 1982 -1986 - Marine Corps

  • 1983 - Beirut Lebanon (1st Battalion 8th Marines)

  • October 23, 1983 - Bombing of the Marine Corps Headquarters Beirut Lebanon

       (241) fellow Marines, Semple Fi

  • 1989 - Barber School

  • 1991 - Master Barber

  • 1993 - 1996 - Owner and operator of Twin 2's Barbershop in Landover Maryland

  • 1995 -1999 - Owner and operator of Twin 2's Barbershop in Washington DC

  • 1999 - 2006 - Contract Barber - Various Locations

  • 2006 - 2018 - Owner and operator of Shabazz Barbershop 

  • 2017 - Present - CEO Barbers For Life


One of the most exciting things about this profession is seeing the pure creativity and talent from Barbers all over the country. No two city styles are the same. We want to showcase this diversity, promote the profession, and inspire the next generation of Barbers. 

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